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“Drilling for Success in Pickleball”

Our hard book, “Drilling for Success in Pickleball”, will be available to ship on Wednesday, April 30th.  The synopsis of the book can be read on our home page as well as the bios of the authors.    If you wish to order a book, send $15 + $5 for shipping and handling to:  Pickleball Enterprises, […]

Common Errors in Pickleball and their Corrections

We all know how frustrating it is to commit an error in any game and then not know what caused it to happen.  “What am I doing wrong?” is commonly heard by players in all sports.   If those players can then answer the question, it is obviously an advantage!  This is the first of several […]

Pickleball is a sport for anyone!

How exciting it is to see men and women, no matter their age or physical limitation, playing the game of pickleball!  A spectator at the Huntsman World Senior Games has the opportunity to see folks of all ages - 50 yrs. of age up to 90 - playing both singles and doubles.  There are players […]