Common Errors in Pickleball and their Corrections

We all know how frustrating it is to commit an error in any game and then not know what caused it to happen.  “What am I doing wrong?” is commonly heard by players in all sports.   If those players can then answer the question, it is obviously an advantage!  This is the first of several articles geared towards making it possible for pickleball players to correct their own errors.

A common error:  Not making solid contact with the ball.

Causes:  1.  Not “keeping your eye on the ball”.  This is a phrase that is overused in all sports that involve hitting an object, whether it is moving or stationary, with an implement.

Correction:  See the ball not only contact the face of the paddle, but also see the ball leaving the paddle.  Aids that can be used to practice this are to mark numbers on the balls or colored rings around the balls.  The player hitting the ball calls out the number or the color of the ring around the ball.


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