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The Key to Avoid Injuries is Prevention

The key to avoid injuries is prevention - a Warm-Up Period, Stretching Exercises, Play Pickleball, Stretching Exercises and a Cool Down Period.
Warm-Up Period - The main purpose of a warm-up period to to raise the body temperature prior to doing the stretching exercises.  A fast walk to the courts, riding a bike, the treadmill are […]

Responsibility to Your Pickleball Doubles Partner

Whenever you agree to play doubles with someone in a pickleball tournment, you are agreeing to do the best you can to make it possible for your doubles “team” to succeed. While you have control only over what you do - how you play - and how you act,  as a “team” member you also can […]

Pickleball Clinics, Camps and Lessons

We are interested in offering to you the opportunity to learn some methods that can be used to improve your pickleball skills.  Because our combined “past lives” include 66 years of teaching and coaching a variety of sports, we are experienced and knowledgeable about  teaching techniques and drills.  We also both play pickleball and have […]