The Key to Avoid Injuries is Prevention

The key to avoid injuries is prevention - a Warm-Up Period, Stretching Exercises, Play Pickleball, Stretching Exercises and a Cool Down Period.

Warm-Up Period - The main purpose of a warm-up period to to raise the body temperature prior to doing the stretching exercises.  A fast walk to the courts, riding a bike, the treadmill are just a few examples for a total body warm-up.  This should be approximately 5 minutes.

Stretching Exercises - Stretching will increase your flexibility, which allows for better performance and decreases the posibility of injury.  Start with the ankles and work towards the head and stretch each muscle group.  Place the muscle group on stretch (this is when you begin to feel the pull) and hold for 10-15 seconds.  Relax and repeat this process for 3-5 times for each muscle group.

Play Pickleball - the key is to play within your limits.  Age, experience, physical condition and athletic ability will all impact the level of your game.

Cool Down Period - After playing, you may want to do a little stretching, as well as a slow walk home.  This will help lower the body temperature and bring the heart rate slowly back to normal.

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