Competing in Pickleball and Still Having Fun!

I’m not sure how many pickleball matches we have observed while waiting “our turn” to take a court and match our skill with the opponent’s.  It is apparent that the majority of the players out on the courts are “playing their hearts out” - trying their very best to play a good game.  Most are out there because they not only enjoy the opportunity to get exercise while having fun doing it but because they WANT to pit their skill against the other team’s.  While winning rather than losing is important - because the reality is that it’s more fun to win! - it is NOT so important that they would cheat or “bend the rules” in order to win.  So it’s disturbing when a player talks about using “mind games”  in order to gain an advantage over the opponent.  Go out on the court with the idea that, if you play well and if your team is in fact the better team, you will most likely win the game or match.  However, the other team may just be the better team - at least at that time - and you may lose the match.  So what?!!  Life still goes on and THAT is what’s important!

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