The Flow of a Pickleball Game

Theoretically, just prior to the first serve of the first game of a match, both teams are even.  The score is 0 to 0.  One team, the serving team, serves the ball and one player on the receiving team returns the serve.  So far it’s still even.  The receiving team gets to the net first because of the two-bounce rule.  Assuming that the serving team executes an offensive shot as a return of the return of the serve, there are now all four players at the net.  It’s dink - dink - dink - until a player errs and dinks the ball too high and too far.  THAT is the turning point of that sequence of shots - or at least it should be the turning point.  Whichever player is in the strongest position to hit that high dink down and hard into the opponents court, should “put the ball away” - the end of the rally and either point or sideout.  It’s offense vs. offense until a player errs - makes a defensive or a bad shot - and then it becomes offense vs. defense.  Be patient and wait for an opening that allows you or your team to take the offensive!

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