Some Factors to Consider When Running a Pickleball Tournament

It is suggested that the following factors should be considered when organizing and running a pickleball tournament.

1.  How many matches will there be in each division?  Be realistic as to how many matches can be completed in a given amount of time.  Playing a marathon is generally not fun for anyone nor safe.  If all matches cannot realistically be completed in one day, schedule an extra day for the tournament.

2.  How long do you anticipate a match taking?  Keep in mind that, because rallies between advanced teams tend to be longer than rallies between lower-skilled teams, a match between advanced teams will probably be longer than one between lesser-skilled teams.

3.  How many courts do you have available?

4.  Are you going to run all the way through each division including the finals on the same day?

5.  How much time should be given to a team that has just finished a match before they are expected to start another one?  Consider age; weather; playing conditions; how many matches that team has played prior to the current one and gender.

6.  There’s a fine line between allowing “just the right amount of time” for a team to rest and making that team wait hours between matches.  It is safest for players to continue playing while they’re still warm rather than playing with cold muscles and respiratory system.

7.   Try to allow all matches to be played under the same conditions.  For ex. - If you’re running late and have inadequate lightling for a court, those teams playing on that court are not given a fair chance to do well.  In addition it is not safe to play when players are struggling to see the ball.  Their movements are less controlled and more apt to cause injury.


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