Pickleball Teaching Venues

Pickleball is a sport!  While it is a relatively new sport, it is just as important to pickleball players that they have access to quality teaching and coaching as do players of other sports.  We suggest that the same methods of teaching golf and tennis to players of all skill levels and ages can be used for teaching pickleball skills.  What are those methods and/or learning environments?  Among those are the following:

          1.  One-on-one lessons - one teacher/coach and one player.

          2.  Clinics - groups of players - the number dependent upon the number of courts available, the number of teachers/coaches and the time allotted for the clinic.  A clinic could range in time from 1 hour on 1 day to 4 to 6 hours a day for several days.

          3.  Camps - A location for the camp would include not only a playing facility but also provide for lodging and meals.  Instruction can include time on the courts; time in a classroom and also recreational time.  A camp  provides the setting for the complete focus of the learner to be on pickleball over a 24 hr. period for possibly several days.

It’s time that pickleball is considered to be a sport that is on the same level as all other sports. 


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