Goal-Setting in Pickleball

Those of us who have played and competed in other sports have discovered that, if we try to think of too many things at once when correcting an error, nothing is accomplished.  Frustration sets in when nothing seems to work.  To remedy that, set just one goal per day or practice and work towards accomplishing that one goal that day.  For example: concentrate on actually seeing the ball hit the paddle on every single stroke - from the serve to ground strokes to volleys; etc.   Then the next day work on something else - serving to the deep backhand corner of the opponents service court.  If you work on improving your game at this kind of pace and concentration, you will find that at the end of the week your game has improved considerably!  Take it one goal at a time and one day at a time and eventually all of the parts are put together into an improved overall pickleball game!

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