The Birth of Pickleball in Ahwatukee!

Ahwatukee is a retirement community located just off of I-10 south of Phoenix, Arizona.  It is a popular haven for those of us who prefer living “on the south side” of the Phoenix area - close to shopping; the airport; restaurants and auto travel in all directions.  Even though houses in the retirement section of the Elliot-Warner loop have been here for 30+ years, the sport of pickleball had never been heard of by many of the residents.  That has changed!  Pickleball was introduced at an open house at the Ahwatukee Recreation Center on January 23, 2010.  A display of pickleball equipment and books was presented as well as a video of the game being played.  A total of 58 interested men and women signed up as wanting to learn more about the game.  The management of the ARC is totally enthused about adding pickleball to the activity offerings.  Future plans include setting up a temporary court in the parking lot and eventually re-surfacing an area there that can be used for 2 courts.  It is obvious that members of the ARC WANT to learn how to play this great game and IT WILL HAPPEN!!

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  1. Rich Palmiere on 08 Apr 2010 at 5:03 pm #

    My name is Rich Palmiere and I am at Carriage Manor RV Resort in Mesa, AZ. Your circumstances and ours are the same. I started teaching pickle ball in Nov 09 with 61 interested folks. We too are looking for a place to play so I am interested in your progress. Hope you can share by email your ideas for fund raising and the cost of building your new courts.


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