Progress of Pickleball in Ahwatukee

Forgive us for not posting anything in our blog for several months!  Our other priorities took over our lives for a while.  We hope now that we can correct that situation.  We first presented pickleball to the residents of the Ahwatukee Recreation Center in February 2010.  Our demonstration then was conducted on a temporary court set up on rough asphalt in the parking lot.  We are still on a temporary court in the parking lot but in a different location!  Our 47 pickleball club members are among the most enthusiastic that we have ever seen!  Even through the heat of the summer, people continue to play for several hours almost every morning and under the parking lot lights at night.  We continue to converse with the ARC Board concerning the construction of either permanent courts or at least resurfacing an area of the parking lot to give us a smoother playing surface.  We are hopeful that a decision will be made soon.

In the interim, we have also talked to men at the Phoenix Recreation Department about the possibility of our using one of the tennis courts at Western Star Park for pickleball.  Their response was very positive and they agreed to paint pickleball lines on one of the courts.  That should be done in the next couple of weeks.

There has also been talk about the Ahwatukee Board of Management putting in 4 nice courts.  All in all, pickleball is here to stay in Ahwatukee!  We have players of all skill levels and backgrounds - all of whom are committed to pickleball for the rest of their lives!!

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