Pickleball Round Robin Tournament Format

A Round Robin Tournament is another type of play that can be used for pickleball.  The main advantage of this format is that you truly have identified the best team by playing everyone who has entered.  The main disadvantage is that it takes longer to run a round robin than any other tournament.

Example of a 4 team round robin format:

First Round        Second Round       Third Round

#1 vs #2             #1 vs #4               #1 vs #3

#3 vs #4             #2 vs #3               #4 vs #2

The number of matches for one team is always one less that the total number of teams entered in the tournament.  For example - in the above 4-team round robin tournament, eacdh team would play 3 matches.

Example of a 5 Team Round Robin Tournament

First Round     Second Round     Third Round     Fourth Round     Fifth Round

1 vs. Bye         5 vs. Bye              4 vs. Bye          3 vs. Bye             2 vs. Bye

2 vs. 5            1 vs. 4                 5 vs. 3              4 vs. 2                3 vs. 1

3 vs. 4            2 vs. 3                 1 vs. 2              5 vs. 1                4 vs. 5

If there is an odd-number of teams entering the tournament, a “Bye” is placed in the same spot in each round.  The total number of matches for each team is again one less that the total number of teams in the tournament.

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