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A New Pickleball Book - “Pickleball - A Guide for Teaching”

We have decided to combine our two existing books, “Drilling for Success in Pickleball” and “Teaching for Success in Pickleball”.  Our new book, “Pickleball - A Guide for Teaching”, will consist of 110 pages - 8 1/2 x 5 1/2 - and include the following: 
The Game; History and Growth
Warm-up and Stretching
Common Injuries
Teaching Progression
Ball-control Drills
Gamelike Drills […]

To Serve or Not to Serve!

Prior to the beginning of a match, one pickleball team is given the opportunity to choose to serve first in the first game OR to choose which side of the court they wish to occupy to start the game.  Which do you choose?  Is there one choice better than the other?  Several factors should be […]