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Listen to your body to avoid pickleball injuries!

In addition to warming-up and stretching prior to each pickleball session, it is important that you pay attention to what your body is telling you.  An ache, a pain or a weakness in any part of your body is a signal to you that your body is being stressed beyond the norm.  We have to […]

Eliminate unforced errors in your pickleball game

The goal of all players, regardless of skill level, should be to decrease the number of unforced errors committed in a game.  An unforced error is an error you commit on a return of an easy shot to you or an error committed on your serve.  You are totally responsible for the error!  A forced […]

The “Soft” Game of Pickleball

I had the opportunity to observe lots of pickleball last weekend at the Palm Creek Tournament in Casa Grand, Arizona.  I’ve seen this tournament about every year.  It seemed obvious to me that the overall calibre of play was far superior to that in the tournament a year ago.  More and more players at all […]

The popularity of pickleball is soaring!

Being a part of the birth of something and the early years of its growth has been part of our lives!  Having been female physical education teachers and coaches, we were both “athletes” when the word wasn’t deemed respectable when applied to females.  Even though it has taken many years since the passing of Title […]

Progress of Pickleball in Ahwatukee

Forgive us for not posting anything in our blog for several months!  Our other priorities took over our lives for a while.  We hope now that we can correct that situation.  We first presented pickleball to the residents of the Ahwatukee Recreation Center in February 2010.  Our demonstration then was conducted on a temporary court set […]

Keep the Ball in Play in Pickleball!

Whether you are playing pickleball recreationally or are interested in competing in tournaments, your object every day should be to “keep the ball in play”!  So many errors are committed by players who are intent on “putting the ball away” or “playing the perfect shot” with the result being the ball hit into the net […]

The Birth of Pickleball in Ahwatukee!

Ahwatukee is a retirement community located just off of I-10 south of Phoenix, Arizona.  It is a popular haven for those of us who prefer living “on the south side” of the Phoenix area - close to shopping; the airport; restaurants and auto travel in all directions.  Even though houses in the retirement section of […]

Happy Pickling in 2010!

This is a time of year for all of us reflect on how lucky and blessed we are!  To have been born in this wonderful country of ours - to be blessed with loving family and friends - AND to still be able to enjoy quality of life - most of all PICKLEBALL - is […]

Scheduling Matches in a Pickleball Tournament

Having been involved in athletics most of my life, I’ve been part of the battle fought by girls and women for equal opportunities in school sponsored athletics.  Prior to the passing of Title IX,  female athletes in schools all over the country were thought of as non-competitive bodies who appeared on the playing field only […]

Comments on USAPA National Pickleball Tournament

The first national tournament sponsored by the USA Pickleblall Association is being held in Buckeye, Arizona, November 2 to 8, 2009.  One day in the future, this will be an historical event!  It establishes the importance of the USAPA as being our national governing body and gives meaning to being a member.  Only current members […]

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