Synopsis of Book

The books, “Drilling for Success in Pickleball” and “Teaching for Success in Pickleball”, have been combined into one book - “Pickleball - A Guide for Teaching”.  This book consists of 110 pages - 8 ½ x 5 ½  -  and includes the following:

                                    The Game; History and Growth

                                    Warm-ups and Stretching

                                    Common Injuries and their Treatment

                                    Teaching Progression (9 lessons)

                                    Drills -  Ball Control

                                                Forehand and Backhand Ground Strokes

                                                Serve; Return of Serve




                                                Drop Shot


                                    Use of Ball-Throwing Machine

                                    Tips on Organizing Drills

                                    Common Errors and their Correction

                                    Methods of Determining Skill Level

                                    Mental Aspects of Competition

                                    Basic Doubles Strategies

                                    Etiquette for Players and Spectators

                                    Factors to Consider When Running a Tournament

While this book primarily includes the content of the original two books, there have been some changes and additions.  The price of this book is $19.95 + $2.00 for shipping.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy, email us at

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