“I applaud Mary and Sandy’s expertise with playing skills and strategies, the organizational skills they bring to the sport, and the quiet, efficient, professional manner in which they conduct themselves and win the respect of their fellow players.  I highly recommend their new book on drills.”

Pat Nichol

Gold medal winner in Pickleball

A leader in the pickleball world in Victoria B.C., Canada


“The authors, with their extensive talent and competitive backgrounds, have recognized the need for such a publication - an educational, intelligent and informative aid for both learning and improving pickleball skills.”

Kaye McDonald

Retired Dean of Students

Mesa Community College, Mesa, Arizona


“We are searching for quality to go on our blog, not quantity.  Therefore, I would be remiss if I did not request what I consider a foremost authority in the world of pickleball for assistance.  Anyone with your accomplishments should be justly proud.”

Neal Nightingale

USAPA Regional Ambassador - South Atlantic Region


“My husband and I have played pickleball for the past 10 years.  That
experience has led to steady improvement culminating in winning several
gold, silver and bronze medals in a variety of tournaments.  Having known
Mary and Sandy for the past 3 plus years and having had the opportunity to
watch their instructional techniques, it is easy to come to the conclusion
that our skills improvement would have been much faster had we been afforded
the opportunity of their excellent instructional techniques.  No one would
be surprised that both bring many years of college coaching experience to
their pickleball training if they were given the opportunity to watch these
excellent training sessions.”

Dick and Denise Williams
Sun City Grand, Arizona

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